Wednesday, September 1, 2010

28 Days

Today, AMG International is starting 28 days of prayer for child sponsorship. We are asking you to join us in praying for this ministry. As you've followed our adventures this summer, you've been given a taste of the impact child sponsorship has on the lives of these children. Many of you even sponsor children through AMG.

This is a great opportunity to help this ministry grow through the power of prayer. You can take a look at the calendar for the next 28 days by clicking here.

We've talked about child sponsorship in this post and this post. I can't say it enough - Child sponsorship changes lives. It will not only change the life of a child in need half way around the world, but it will also change the life of the person who makes the decision to sponsor.

I am so blessed by my sweet children, Mariam and Sophie, and I thank God every day for bringing them into my life because they have taught me great lessons about life. They've helped me learn how to lean on God alone for provision. They've taught me the importance of working hard toward something special. And they've given me strength when I'm weak. When I'm not feeling well, I think of them and their precious smiles. They are always so joyful and it brings me great strength and comfort in knowing that the Lord used me to help put those smiles there.

Mariam before sponsorship in 2007

Mariam just 4 weeks ago after 2 and a half years of sponsorship.

My house key has a frowning face on one side that says, "Before I knew Jesus." And on the other side it says, "After I knew Jesus," with a smiley face. That key reminds me of the transformation these kids go through while they are in the AMG program. From kids who have no hope at all, no reason to smile, to kids who have the joy of knowing Christ.

So I ask that you would consider joining us in this 28 days of prayer. And if over the next 28 days you set aside just $1 a day (the same as what most families in Uganda live on per day) you would have the $28 needed to start sponsoring a child this month.

I urge you to consider sponsoring a child, and equally as important I ask you to pray.

- Aly


  1. Thanks so much for posting this Aly! I know you don't know me but I have been keeping up (and praying for you) with your blog and your adventures in Uganda. I work here at AMG in the Child Sponsorship department and it is such a blessing for me to read your blog and see your heart for these precious kids! Thank you!

  2. Karen,
    Thank you for praying for us! It means so much to us. I know a little about you from what I've heard from my friend Madie Wilson. I had actually sent you an email some time back, but I'm not sure you received it. I've seen your blog and your header at the top has pics of the girls I sponsor! I hope to meet you some day when I get down to TN! Thank you for the work you do with child sponsorships. It makes such a difference to these kids!