Monday, June 25, 2012

Sights and Sounds of Preparation

There are bags, boxes, and bins taking over my parents' livingroom. There are freshly washed skirts hanging out on the line. The piles are growing. The lists are forming. The trips to Walmart are starting. And the luggage is filling.

The nerves of getting everything done are showing. The excitement of taking off is mounting. The good-byes are starting. The hellos are longing. And the attention spans and energy are waning.

Minds are spinning. Tempers are shortening. And those piles are still getting higher.

Did you grab the converters? And what about razors? Do we have toothpaste? Please don't even start talking about taking anti-malaria medication.

I need to print t-shirts and roll letters for supporters. Wait. Scratch that and flip it.

More supplies are piling. There's a couch under here somewhere, and with it is probably where I can find my keys.

There's only one thing that all this can possibly mean.

We leave in 1 week.

- Aly

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