Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"It's a Nice Night for a Neck Injury"

So what on earth have we been up to that has me not posting for 20 days?!

Oh just a little breaking and entering....

Come on, kid, open up. It's Santy Claus...and his elf!
So here's the story: I was sitting in the living room yesterday eating an apple, minding my own business, when my dad came in the house. "Alyyyyyy," he says, with his bottom lip stuck out and batting his eyes (no doubt mocking me as that's what I do to him when I need something). He then proceeded to tell me that he had locked the neighbor's door (we're keeping an eye on their house)...the door that has no key, and there's only one unlocked window and I'm the only one who can fit through it. So I throw on my boots and walk up to the neighbors, hoping the other neighbors are too busying watching The Talk to call the police.
I stood in the driveway as my dad "secures" the ladder into the snow, then made my way to the window that goes into the bedroom. I climbed up the ladder and wedged myself in between the top of the headboard and the window and asked my dad to take my boots off (just because we're breaking in doesn't mean I need to make a mess). But without the extra weight of the boots, and the addition of my dad's references to Home Alone sending me into fits of laughter, my bottom half went flying up and top half went tumbling down onto the bed and before I knew it my neck was bent to a position where I could hear my heart beating through my back. I yelped, curled up, and the rest of me crashed through.
And I didn't even break a lamp! I walked right out the back door. Never a dull moment around here!!
Happy first day of winter!

I'm off to the chiropractor.

- Aly

(I should note that we were given permission to enter the neighbors' house this way. Don't want any problems with the feds this close to Christmas.)

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