Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's the End of the World as we Know It

If you're reading this, either the world didn't end or we're in BIG trouble. All this end of the world stuff has had me scratching my head. There's so much I could comment on about how the Bible says no one, not even Jesus, knows the date and time of the rapture. Or I could discuss misguided Christians using scare tactics to win souls for Christ, or the insanity of people who sold all of their posessions and emptied their bank accounts because they thought the world was ending.

But I don't want to get into that.

Instead I want to talk about today being the end of the world. Now, now, just humor me for a minute here. Let's, just for a second, imagine that today actually was the day of Christ's return. Let's assume for a moment that anyone who believes in Christ was taken to heaven and others were left behind. It got me thinking:

How did my last day on earth look? Did I make a difference? Or did I just let another day slip by?

Now, remember we're just imagining. Like kids playing make believe. So please don't get all angry with me and think I'm saying we all need to do something crazy like sell all of our possessions just in case. I'm NOT saying that.

I'm just wondering, if we were standing before God right now, how would today have looked? Would He have been pleased with how we spent our time, talents, and resources? Would He be pleased with our words, actions, and thoughts?

If today really was the end of the world, did we make it count?

- Aly

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