Monday, May 3, 2010


Three years ago we started out on an adventure to Uganda with AMG International, and we've never looked back. We've enjoyed every bit of this journey, both the ups and downs and feel so blessed as God continues to show us His amazing power.

There are always so many stories to share about our trips, and when we do presentations at churches and other organizations we only get to share a few. We are hoping that this blog will allow our supporters and prayer partners (that's you!) a chance to be an even bigger part of our team. You'll get a "behind the scenes look" at what's happening as we prepare for our next trip in July 2010. And we are hoping to be able to post updates while we are in Uganda to give you a chance to experience the ministry along with us (but I have to remind you it is Uganda so internet time may not be easy to find). We'll share with you some of the crazy things that happen to us along the way, while also sharing our thoughts about our experiences and the things that break our hearts.

So we want to welcome you to our blog and thank you for joining us on this journey!

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