Monday, September 5, 2011

timothy, Timothy, TIMOTHY!

We first introduced you to Timothy in this post. We met him last year on our trip in 2010. His father is a teacher, and his mother is one of the cooks at the center. Since last year, Timothy has started school. We were afraid we might not get to see him. But one day, he came to the center with his dad while our team was putting on a program for the youth. He wasn't too sure about things at first. He'd had a long day at school and was a little tired.

But it didn't take long for him to be the same Timothy we remembered from last year.

Let's just say he has a lot of energy.

And a whole lot of personality.

And the fact that he speaks English with an adorable little Ugandan accent only adds to the fun that is Timothy.

He thinks he's hot stuff though. He struts around the center like he owns the place.

That might be true if he didn't have a little competition...

...his little sister, Mariam...

- Aly

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