Sunday, May 27, 2012

37: Let's start a Fire

During the trip in January, my team had the amazing opportunity to do a radio broadcast in Uganda. Dr. Reuben, the director of AMG Uganda, does regular broadcasts in a city just outside his hometown in Western Uganda. He uses this time to preach the Gospel and teach scripture.
Our very last day visiting his home village, Dr. Reuben asked our team to record some interviews to be broadcast on Ugandan radio. He said our message would reach about 2 million people.
No pressure, though.
We split up the men and women. The ladies were asked to specifically target the adolescent girls listening. We were asked to share about our own lives. Before being recorded we practiced what we would share. But, as always , we ended up saying so much more than we planned.
There were only 3 of us women, but we covered 3 generations with a grandmother, a mom, and a single 24 year old. Each of us had a unique view of life to share, including our struggles and triumphs over the years.
When it came to be my turn, I was asked what I would want to share with teenage girls. This was my message:
"Focus on your school work and stay away from boys! They will tell you anything and everything they think you want to hear, but they generally only want one thing. If a boy really cares about you, he won't pressure you to do anything. Focus on God and doing well in school while you're young. Don't let the world pressure you to do anything outside of God's will for your life."

The ladies after our interview.

That day, our ministry wasn't the typical face to face work we normally do. We didn't get to see the faces of the people who heard our message. But I believe somehow God used our message, our mistakes, and our dependence on Him to change lives.

Sometimes doing ministry means that we will never really know or understand the impact we will have. We don't really know if what we did made a difference in someone's life. But even if we're not sure of the impact we have to do it anyways, because what if what we did made a difference for just one? It brought hope to just one? It gave courage to just one?

Our action, as well as our lack of action, affects others. And as Christians we can either let the fire smolder or we can create a spark that will ignite the world for Christ. I say, let's start a fire.

- Aly

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