Monday, May 7, 2012

Make a Difference for One

There are over 16 million children in this world who have lost their parents to AIDS. It is estimated that 14.8 million of those children live in sub-Saharan Africa, and that millions more living in India, China, and Russia are unaccounted for. Not only have they been through the trauma of losing a parent, they also face many other hardships. Most of them are not able to attend school, receive medical care, or even find food that will help them grow. They're vulnerable, and when left of the street are east targets for exploitation, being sold into hard labor or even as soldiers and sex slaves.

To us the thought of this is a terrible nightmare, but for millions of children around the world, it is their reality. They've been left alone with no one to love them.

Today is World AIDS orphan day. A day to stop and think about the millions of children who have lost hope, who know nothing more than a world full of hurt and abandonment.

I urge you to click here to read the story of a little boy, orphaned by AIDS, suffering from the disease himself, but more than anything plagued by a world that understands so little about his life. He is only one of millions cast aside with no one to kiss him goodnight, no one to hug him when he's sad, no one willing to teach him, no one to stand up for him in this world.

But that can change.

We need to come together and make a difference for these children. Will you stand up for the least of these?

Sponsor a child today or find out other ways you can change a life forever. With so many suffering children in this world, one person can't save them all. But if each of us makes a difference for one, if each of us loves on, we can change the world.

- Aly

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