Friday, May 25, 2012

39: Snow Day!

Believe it or not, we had a snow day today. Ok, so it wasn't a real snow day, but since the school district my mom and I work at didn't use any snow days this year, we were given today off. One of the teachers I talked to said that hasn't happened in the 15 years he's been teaching there. And so our snow day this year was spent wearing shorts and tank tops, drinking iced tea, and sitting outside instead of how we normally spend snow days all curled up in sweatshirts and Granny's slippers, baking Christmas cookies, and drinking hot cocoa.

It was nice to have a day off after the crazy week we had around here. On Monday, our pool collapsed. I watched helplessly as water rused down the hill at warp speed and leaving a path of stones, metal, and hoses. So while I'd love to say I went swimming on our snow day, there wasn't anywhere to swim (though I was tempted to go buy one of those plastic kiddie pools at Walmart).

My mom has had a sinus infection all week. I woke up this morning with an eye infection. My dad's truck is acting goofy.

It always seems like things get crazier as the trip gets closer. But I honestly have to say that it's a good thing, because it reminds us that we're exactly where God wants us to be. Stationary Christians, the ones who are satisfied with the status quo, don't face spiritual battles. If you're not doing anything to further God's kingdom, then satan has no business with you. But the ones who are moving forward, doing what God has called them to do, those are the ones that will face opposition. And there's so much more happening than just these things I've listed. God is working in our hearts in so many new and exciting ways, but at the same time satan is working to undo all of those things.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing some exciting/kind of scary news with you, so stay tuned.

- Aly

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