Monday, December 19, 2011

Life Changing Promise

Seven years ago, we made the 10 minute drive to church and listened to a man talk about children in Uganda. That day we took home a little girl named Eva and began sponsoring her. I made a silent promise that day, one that would change my life. I promised to one day go and visit her.

It's amazing to me that in just 10 days I will be headed back to Uganda to see her for the 6th time.

Last week I received what I consider to be a very special early Christmas gift. I told you how I started sponsoring a little boy named Rodrigo from Peru. He's brought such joy to my life since then. My sweet friend Denise went with AMG on a Bundles of Love trip, which is the program they put on to give gifts to the children at Christmastime. She hopped on a plane headed for Peru and brought back some pictures of my handsome boy (and, yes. This is where I shamelessly brag about this sweet boy God blessed me with!)

I can hardly stand the cuteness!

With his sister and his Santa hat!

This is our friend Denise. I love the look he has on his face as she's showing him the hot wheels car!

As a result of that first sponsorship of Eva, my life has changed so much. Having our family sponsor her led me to Uganda where I met the girls I sponsor, Mariam and Sophie. Meeting them has had a lasting impact on my life. In fact, meeting them was why I chose to sponsor them in the first place. It led me to meet countless other children that I love with all my heart. But it also led me to Rodrigo.

When I started sponsoring him 2 months ago, I made another silent promise, one that I know will change my life. And one day I hope to go visit him. To see him and hug him and love him myself. And it is amazing to me how God has used these children, no more than a handful of years old, to a better understanding of His love for us and to allow me to do things and go places I hadn't imagined of before.

- Aly

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