Thursday, August 11, 2011


I haven't been doing so good with updating the blog and for that I aplogize. It has been so busy with the team here. Between the ministry, waiting for food, spending time with my awesome teammates, washing laundry, preparing for the next day, and sleeping there hasn't been a whole lot of down time.

The ladies were supposed to do home visits this morning at Namugoga, but it poured pretty consistently all night so we knew when we woke up the program for the day would change...or there would be 11 ladies pushing the bus through the mud.

We are now preparing to go to Igamba tomorrow. In some ways I can't wait to go. I've had this urge to run there this week, but at the same time it's the toughest place to go. One of my goals has been to enjoy every minute of this trip, whether it's waiting to go somewhere, getting somewhere, or doing the ministry I want to enjoy every part.

I'm especially enjoying my time with some of my teammates. I've had so much fun laughing and carrying on with Karen and Ashley. And we have a very similar heart for the ministry. For me, this is what the trip is all about - making lasting connections with people, whether it be the workers, the kids, or the team members. We can come here and do the most amazing things, but without the relationships, without sharing the love of Christ with others, our work is meaningless.

Ashley, Karen, and Aly on the bus.

- Aly

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