Friday, August 26, 2011

Live a Life of Love

This sweet little girl captured the hearts of myself and my friends Ashley and Karen.

It's not hard to see why with those big beautiful eyes, the long lashes, and the adorable smile. It could've turned into quite an argument about who would get to bring her home. She was always standing at the gate watching us. She would come to the center wearing rags. The first time we saw her, she was wearing shorts that were so tattered you could barely find a place where they intact. She also came at one point wearing a shirt for a skirt.

Her belly was big, but still her smile was bigger. It's amazing to me that these children can come from such poverty and still smile, still laugh, and still play.

Some of the ladies at our church made some clothes for us to take with us to give out to the kids. So the last day we were in her village, Ashley tracked her down. She came and stood at the gate as usual. The unsponsored kids know they can't come in unless invited, so I went to bring her into the office.

At first I think she was a little afraid of what was going on. My mom found a neon green shirt and small pair of shorts for her to wear, and she realized she was getting new clothes. Ashley took her by the hand and led her back outside. We all gathered together, the team, staff, and all the kids that were around the center. We held hands and began to pray. Ashley said that during the prayer, the little girl's shorts fell down (they were a little big). She said, the little one looked up at her with those big brown eyes then let go of her hand, pulled up the shorts, and reached back for Ashley's hand.

Somtimes the deepest connections aren't made through spending hours with someone, but just a small moment in time. Sometimes gratitude isn't found in what someone says, but seen in a simple glance. And the greatest love that we can give is rarely spoken through words, but shown through actions.

"Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ." - Ephesians 5:2

- Aly

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