Saturday, August 27, 2011

Buddy's Buddies

There's one thing that tops our packing list every single year. And that is our little friend Buddy. We can't leave for Uganda without him. He's packed safely into my suitcase every year and is ready to give out hugs to anyone who comes his way.

His favorite place is Igamba. I brought him along for the Saturday program. The remembered Buddy right away. I didn't even need to introduce him. They already knew his name. After a short reminder that Buddy's home is in America so the kids should be sure that he made it back to one of the team members before they left, he was loved on by young and old alike.

Buddy especially enjoys seeing old friends. So he was so happy to finally make his way to Mariam and Sophie.

But, he was most happy to see Bridget. And I think Bridget felt the same way. She held onto him, hugging him wherever she went. Until...

Buddy met Alice. She's the daughter of one of AMG's volunteer teachers, and she loved Buddy. She wasn't too keen on sharing him with anyone else. So once she found Buddy, they were the best of friends for the rest of the day.

Buddy also made friends with Alice's bear, Barry. Ok, so maybe his name wasn't Barry, but Buddy thinks it would be a good name for a bear.

Once Alice got her hands on Buddy, she didn't want to let him go. She was pretty confident she was taking him home with her which meant we kept a pretty close eye on Alice for the rest of the day. Luckily she was cuter than cute. My dad (of course) taught her to say okie dokie, and also got her to say Deeeee-licious!

I'm not sure how we ended up getting Buddy from her in the end, but he made it safely back home with us, a little dirtier and more loved than ever!

- Aly
(This post was approved by Buddy himself. He gave it two paws up.)

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