Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Week In

Things have been so busy for us since we arrived. There's so much to fit in in such a short amount of time. Yesterday we spent the whole day out at Upendo. We did some painting, but mostly we interacted with the staff, teachers, and kids. I think it was my favorite day so far!

After lunch I took some time to teach the kids how to make friendship bracelets. I started out with about 4 girls but it didn't take much time for word to spread and more kids to show up. In all I think I ended up with about 40-50 kids making bracelets all at once. But as one learned, they showed the next. They had so much fun. They were too funny, trying to make sure they got it just right. They were sitting there so quietly and so intent on their work.

I think every night so far we have collapsed into bed and had no problems falling asleep.

Today we worked at Bukoto, one of the childcare centers AMG has in Kampala. We spent some time encouraging some of the kids at the school the center is attached to and then the rest of the time we spent helping do paperwork at the office.

We have now been here for one week and have only 2 more to go. There's still so much ministry left to do, and we're trying to enjoy every minute of it.

The team is meeting up with us today. They should be arriving here at the guesthouse any minute. We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us as we minister with them.

- Aly

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