Friday, August 19, 2011

Punch Bugs and Other Weird Happenings

We're still trying to adjust to life again. I'm not quite ready to talk about serious stuff yet. Our last weekend spent in Igamba was a rough one for us, and we're still trying to fully process it all. I haven't really allowed myself to stop and think about everything yet, but I know the time must come.

In the meantime I'll share with you some random tidbits. On the day the team was to arrive, we pulled into the gas station to gas up and we stumbled upon the green volkswagon beetle from this post . So I had to snap a quick picture of it to show all of you.

And then the next day we came across this while riding the bus with the team to Upendo.

Everyone looked at me like I was completely insane when I yelled out punch bug because apparently I was the only one looking out the front window. After that we were surprised to find countless bugs (and not the creepy-crawly kind, though we did see those too).

After going to Uganda 5 times, one might think we've experienced all there is to experience there, but one would be very wrong. I had a completely new and strange experience while in Igamba last weekend. When we first arrived on Friday evening I could see Sophie walking toward the center so I went out to greet her. It didn't take long for a crowd of kids to gather. As I was standing behind Sophie, with my arms around her shoulders another child came and slid under my arm as well. The kids are quite interested in our skin, and this child was no exception. At first she was just touching my arm. Then she started pulling at the hair on my arm. Then she started to pet it, which led to her rubbing her face with my arm. And then, very suddenly and without warning she licked me from the middle of my forearm to my elbow. Never a dull moment in Igamba!

We're still trying to fight the jet lag. My mom was in bed by 8 last night, and I was shortly after that. I was wide awake by 4am and have been up ever since.

I ask you to continue to pray for us as we work through everything that happened. Also pray for our teammates, most of which are experiencing coming home after their first trip. And finally, please pray for my dear friend Ashley who I met on the trip. She is experiencing some health issues that started on the trip (I will spare you the details) and needs healing.

Thank you.

- Aly

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