Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clean Smelling Hands

The other day I was out shopping and stopped by the craft store. I picked up some of those awesome face painting crayons that we used last year with some of the kids at the Saturday program.

And then again at Camp El Har when Fahad did this to himself when I turned by back for two seconds:

Anyways, I was there to pick up some more to use this year because we had so much fun with them before. I got in line to check out and there were a few people in front of me. You know those displays they always have near the cash register that suck you in with cool little gadgets and gizmos? I was just glancing around at the paintbrushes, paper clips, rubber bands, and assorted chocolates. Then it was my turn to step up and pay. But just as I was about to, something caught my eye.

It was...brace yourself...are you ready?

Dial Hand Sanitizer!

You don't understand. We love Dial hand sanitizer. Sure some of the others are ok. Sometimes it's nice to have my hands smell like warm vanilla sugar, but really it's just mean when they smell like country apple or tropical passion fruit or some other mouth watering smell. And then there's germ-x. Sorry makers of germ-x, but your product stinks. And you know it stinks when it even stinks in Africa!

But before leaving on a trip one year we found Dial hand sanitizer. And my friends it smells so clean! And when you smell of sweat, dirt, smoke, and exhaust fumes, having clean smelling hands is like a little piece of heaven. But for some reason we can't seem to find Dial hand sanitizer very easily.

But this week I found it, and when I did I gasped. My eyes got real big, and I just started tossing those suckers on the counter.

And the cashier looked at me like I was insane...and so did the lady behind me...and the guy behind her...

I didn't care, because my hands will smell clean! Well then on our way out of the mall I realized I probably should've bought more than 6. So we ended up going back and getting more. Luckily I have the best friend in the world and she risked her own appearance of sanity (on her birthday no less) by purchasing a large quantity of travel sized hand sanitizer. (Thanks Amanda!)

- Aly

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