Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kids Are Kids

Children in Uganda face so many struggles. Between disease, malnutrition, death, and lack of education and other opportunities they will experience so much more heartache in their younger years of life than many of us will face in our entire lifetime. But despite the hardships they face, they're still kids. And we've found that no matter what, kids are kids no matter where you are.

They love to play.

And draw all over themselves with chalk.

They love to blow bubbles with their gum...

...or in your water.

They love the part in the song where you take the key and lock them up.

And they're fascinated by glow sticks.

They have way too much energy...

...And they never want to sit still.

They make funny faces.

And enjoy being bounced on your knee.

They're show-offs for the camera.

And they love Oreo Cookies!

They can quickly figure out how to use new toys.

They like to goof off between classes.

They learn how to say their prayers, but sometimes they peek.

And nothing in the world beats best friends.

They want to be just like their parents.

And all they really long for is a little love and attention.

Kids are kids wherever you go.

- Aly

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