Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We May Never Know

I've asked my mom to share today:

There are some things in this life that we may never know. People that we pass in the mall, on the street or a stranger sitting behind us in church, we may or may not know their life story, but we may be the one person that will change their life forever.

Thereza is a perfect example of how spending a small amount of time showing her God's love has had a huge impact on her life. We won't know the long term affects for some time, if ever.

The first year we went to Uganda in 2007, I knew that I wanted to meet the mother of Eva, the child we sponsor. I had heard the story of how she had abandoned her children, except Eva, who was too small, after her husband had died of AIDS. She had begun to sell alcohol, and would punish Eva by pouring boiling water on her. My heart broke for this woman, and I knew that she needed the love that only Jesus Christ could give her.

We visited several families before reaching the small humble home that Eva shared with her mother. This woman that I had never met before ran to greet me, wrapping her arms around me in an embrace that I thought would never end. This couldn't possibly be the same woman that had done horrible things to her children. She thanked me for helping Eva, and for making a difference in their lives. Before we left I shared the gospel with her and other onlookers. She accepted Christ that day! What I didn't learn until 3 years later, was that her other daughter Mercy, had been listening to me that day too, and she also accepted Jesus that day.

You see, we don't always know what our actions and our words mean to others!

When an opportunity arises, would you be ready to share your faith? Not just do you believe that there is a God, but how to have a personal relationship with the one who created you.

- Karen

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