Thursday, June 30, 2011

Haaaave you met Buddy?

This is Buddy.

He's the official spokesbear for AMG Uganda. He's a great partner in the ministry. You may have seen him out making friends wherever he goes bringing a message of love, friendship, and big bear hugs.

He has his own AMG uniform just like the kids.

He even has his own passport.

He's always there through thick and thin. When I had my spinal tap last year, he laid flat with me for the next few days. He's part of our team, and because of that today Buddy had a very important job to do. Today he had to go with my mom and I to get our typhoid shot updated.

He sat with me while I waited for mine.

And didn't even flinch when he got his.

And he hasn't whined once about how much his arm hurts (which is more than can be said about my mom and I).

- Aly

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