Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Buddy

Meet Buddy.

Buddy is the fourth member of our team. He likes eating honey, cuddling, and long luxurious bubble baths. Ok, so maybe not, but he really is an important member of our ministry team. He's the unofficial spokesbear for AMG Uganda, and he even has his own passport.

We introduced him to the kids one day and they absolutely loved him. He wears the same uniform that the AMG sponsored kids wear, which they find pretty hilarious. We explained that in America, Buddy means friend, and that's exactly what Buddy is - their friend. And he comes with a message and that message is...and then we'll share a Bible message with the kids.

He's loved by children

and adults alike.

He loves to play games, and share with the children. But his very favorite is finding someone who needs a hug.

Someone who needs a Buddy.

And just like the rest of the team, after a long day of ministry he likes to unwind by laying under his mosquito net (don't want to get bit), listening to MercyMe, and reading his Bible.

Buddy is one of us. And we're glad he's part of our team!

- Aly

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