Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ugandan You Should Know

In the coming weeks, we would like to introduce you to some of the people and programs we have the privilege of working closely with while in Uganda, so while we're over there, you will have a little bit of background knowledge when we refer to the people we're ministering with.

First off, my dad would like to introduce you to Dr. Reuben Musiime:

Dr. Reuben Musiime is the director of AMG (Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel) Uganda , Africa . I first met Reuben in the fall of 2005 when he visited our local church to share the ministry that was taking place in Uganda . Since that night I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with him in the many facets that he has been called to do In Uganda.

Reuben was born in the village of Bugongi which is located in western Uganda . After finishing high school a civil war was taking place in Uganda and the church was under heavy persecution by former military dictator Idi Amin. This difficult time forced Reuben to go into Kenya where he met some American missionaries who were teachers at a Bible college where he began his studies graduating in 1983. A short time later Reuben went to the United States where he received a BA from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City , a Master's Degree in Christian Education from the Dallas Theological Seminary and his PhD. in education from the University of North Texas . While studying in America Reuben's wife Florence joined him and it was here that he started his family.

While Reuben had many opportunities to stay in the States and enjoy a comfortable life, he felt the Lord was leading him in another direction. That direction, of course, was back to Uganda . Reuben shared with me, after dinner one evening, that he loved his country and his people & had a burden for the difficulties. After spending much time in prayer with his wife, and connecting with AMG International in Chattanooga , Tennessee , Reuben and his family returned to Uganda . A decision they have never regretted.

The ministry work consists of child sponsorship which provides for food, clothing, medical treatment and biblical teaching for 1200+ children. AMG Uganda operates 5 childcare Centers throughout Uganda in which 2 of the centers have on site medical centers to meet the needs of the local people. Also in operation is the Camp El Har orphanage which now is home for 40 children. A new facility is presently under construction to provide for the needs of these children.

While the spiritual needs seem overwhelming AMG Uganda's ministry also includes gospel radio broadcasts, prison ministry and pastor training. Many pastors in the remote villages have little or no theological training. Through partnership with churches and religious teachers from the United States , pastor conferences are held annually to equip and train these pastors with the ministry skills needed to teach the word of God faithfully.

Reuben is the first to say that it is through God's grace that many people are receiving much needed help and that all things done are for His glory.

- Dean

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