Monday, June 14, 2010

There Must Be Another Way

If I had been born in Uganda, my house might look like this:

If I grew up in Uganda, my belly might look bloated from not eating enough. I would gain very little weight over the years and look much younger than I really am. I would've walked along rust-colored dirt roads for hours every day with my mother to fetch water. My family would live on what would equal $2 a day.

Before even reaching the age of 5, I would have a high risk of dying from diarrhea, pneumonia, tuberculosis, or malaria, all of which could have been treated for what people in developed nations would call a "cheap price."

I may have developed asthma at a young age from air pollution and cooking over charcoal fires around my home.

While people in other countries are concerned about buying cigarettes, cosmetics, and pet food, my family would sit in our one room home and wonder where our next meal will come from. My education would consist of learning how to take care of my younger siblings.

If I had been born in Uganda, at 22 years old I would be approaching middle age.

It shouldn't be like this. There must be another way.

- Aly

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