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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy 27th Anniversary!!!

A good night of sleep, a cold shower, no razor to shave my legs and what?? No mirror!! That's how I got ready today!

We spent the day at the Child Care Center in Igamba. Working at the Saturday program with around 250 kids. Spending time singing, giving testimonies and doing bible lessons. The kids are so thankful for a new day to spend worshiping God.

20 years ago I would've never dreamt that I would even be in Uganda especially not on such a special day. For the last 3 years Dean and I have spent our Anniversary either in the air or the airport en route to Africa. Not exactly the romantic getaway one would think.

A typical Anniversary would consist of maybe flowers, a card and definitely a nice dinner somewhere. On one very special Anniversary Dean surprised me with a really special dinner and when we were through he pulled out a tiny ring box and gave me an anniversary ring! I just loved it!! (and still do!) I really thought that was probably the best one yet! Little did I know how special it would be on August 1st 2009!

Back at the child care center, there was an awful lot of sneaking around. Everyone seemed to have just vanished and no one would tell Dean or I what was going on! Cissy even told him that it didn't concern him. "So stop being so inquisitive!"

Suddenly we were summoned to the church, and we could hear the children singing. As we got closer to the door, their voices got louder. They were singing (to the tune of we wish you a Merry Christmas) "We wish you a Happy Anniversary Dean & Karen" They bought cake and juice for us as well as all of the kids! It brought tears to my eyes as they made such a big fuss for us!

I never thought that such a small act of kindness would make it such a special day. God has given me such a love for Dean that has grown over the years, that it's not about the flowers, and gifts, but about serving others and sharing a very special kind of love. The kind of love that comes from our heavenly Father. That love was given back to us tenfold that day.

That was surely a "Happy Anniversary!" As we plan for another summer in Uganda another Anniversary will be spent away from what we call the comforts of home. I know that God will use our love for him as well as for each other to further his kingdom.

- Karen

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