Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 22 - Surprise Visit

We spent the day today split up. My dad went up to the the Camp El Har site with Chuck, a guy who is here from New Mexico for the next 2 months to work on construction. My mom and I spent the day at the head office. She met with Auntie Florence and I worked on some computer projects for them.

This evening we went back to the home where the Camp El Har kids are staying right now. Most of them have left for holiday, but some have stayed. We were able to see some kids we haven't seen in 2 years. It was amazing to see how much they've changed. When we left them 2 years ago they were still shy little kids and now they're confident young men and women. We enjoyed spending some time with them. It's a bit different to spend time with the older kids. The conversations change from simple subjects like our country, what we like about Uganda, and what we like to do, to really tough spiritual questions like is one form of baptism better than another or what do I tell a friend who thinks that some sins are worse than others.

I can't believe that we're so close to leaving. Tomorrow is our last full day in Uganda. Last month I was saying that soon it would all be just a memory and it has. My parents are ready to come home. They love it here, but at the same time I think they are ready to get back into life back home.

I'm not so ready.

I know that I need to come home so I can keep working at getting better, but I'd rather stay. Please pray for us (and me especially) as we begin to say farewell to our family here. We've grown close to so many people here, and I know it will be very difficult for us. Pray that the Lord will give me strength to come back and continue the work of this trip at home through sharing the stories with others.

Thank you for praying with us, and for walking with us as we go.


  1. Comon kiddo-- you"re a Houser and they are adeteremined bunch-- you"ll have the strength to do the work youfeel needs done. You've done wellthere and a lot of people doubted you could Anyway I expect great things of you so how could you fail:) see you soon Love granny sweets

  2. Thank you so much for posting the events and feelings associated with your mission there in Uganda. You have allowed me to "experience" Uganda through your words, and to feel your love and hurt for the people of Uganda. As you prepare to return home, I would like to encourage you to remember that as a result of your ministry there, you will have an eternity to spend with many of the ones you love so dearly. This life is just a drop in the bucket, and the time we will spend together in Heaven is where the real life is.

    "See you later" is exactly that in the body of Christ. If not here, there! We will see each other again.

    Have a safe trip home - I do look forward to the many pictures and other thoughts you will be sharing. We are praying for you and your family.