Saturday, August 14, 2010

We're Back

We have arrived back home safe and sound after the absolute longest day of the trip. Because of the time difference, coming home is literally the longest day of the trip. Time stands still as we travel back to the States. We left Amsterdam at 10:40am and arrived in New York at 12:10pm, yet we were on the plane for 8 hours. That's enough to make your head spin!

We had our first encounter with the airport body scanners. After they scanned us they asked if they could search us (meaning pat us down). I said yes, but I thought, "Lady, I've been traveling from Africa for the last 12 hours. If you want to get close enough to me to smell me, then go right ahead!"

Our friends picked us up from the airport in Buffalo, and we went for our traditional "first supper" of pizza and wings. These are the same friends that we shared our "last supper" with before leaving for Uganda. We are so thankful that the Lord has placed them in our lives. Since they've done missions work before, they understand the ins and outs. They know the long travel and the brainless feeling that comes from getting only 4 hours of sleep in over 30 hours. They put up with the smell that comes from not bathing in over 48 hours. If that's not the love of the Lord then I don't know what is.

Today is a major laundry day. We have 4 suitcases filled with dirty clothes. And although our ministry work in Uganda is completed for a short time, our ministry at home is just beginning.

We want to thank you for every single prayer that was brought before the throne of God. We appreciate each and every one. Our friends who picked us up from the airport, the Chase's, said that they prayed specifically, not just that I would stay healthy but that I would actually come back stronger than when I left. Their prayer was answered. My body feels stronger than when I first arrived in Uganda. It's so amazing, the power of prayer. I look forward to hearing/sharing of other stories of how your prayers for us were answered.

- Aly

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