Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking Back: He Used Me

I've been taking the past few days to look back at what's happened in the last few months, and I am truly in awe of all the Lord has done.

I think back to the end of May, just before I started writing this blog. I spent a week at my friend Madie's for her graduation. Every afternoon I had to lay down for a few hours to sleep. The pain was bad, and my movements were slow.

Fast forward a few weeks - we're getting ready to leave for Uganda. Long ago I said I believed that going on this trip would be directly related to my health improving. Looking back I feel I was right. As the trip drew closer, I reached a point where I didn't have to lay down and sleep every afternoon. I gained strength and energy. My aches were still there, but I was at least able to function again. The closer we came to leaving, the better I did.

Before we left I said that I believed that God was going to do amazing things. I knew I was going to surprise even myself with what I was able to do. The Lord gave me a vision of being able to play with the kids, and I did.

The Lord gave me strength. I still have many aches and pains. I still experience fatigue and weakness. But the Lord did a mighty work in me.

He may not have fully healed me physically yet, but He did something much more amazing.

He used me.

When I was weak, He used me to strengthen others. When I had lost hope, He used me by giving me a message of hope to share with the suffering. When I was heart-broken, He used me to lift others up out of dark places.

So tonight I sit here amazed.

He chose to use me.

But the thing is, He chooses to use each of us. He gave us each a special combination of talents and He longs to use us to further His kingdom. All we have to do is be willing and He will use us for His glory.

My prayer tonight is that each of us is willing to be used by God, and that he will continue to use us all the days of our lives.

- Aly

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