Friday, August 20, 2010

Looking Back: The Beauty of God's Creation

We've been blessed over the years to be able to witness some of the beauty of God's creation. These first three photos were taken as we were flying to Uganda, and the last was taken by my dad while we were in Uganda.

We flew over The Alps.

We saw where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Saharah Desert (and by we I mean me because I had the window seat which I believe rightly belonged to my dad who was sound asleep in the seat across the aisle, and my mom was sound asleep sitting beside me).

I love how the clouds form a fluffy carpet and it amazes me that even though I can't see the ground through them, let alone any people, God sees each and every one of us and knows what we are doing.

The sunset in Kampala. I love this picture because a sunset is a hard thing to capture in Uganda. The sun sets very quickly, especially with all of the hills in the city.
The first year we went to Uganda, we were driving back to the guesthouse. I was thinking about the things we saw that day and looking out at the devestating poverty and I wondered where God was in all of this. Just then, the sun began to shine brightly sending visible rays down across the city. It was beautiful. It was as if God was saying, "I am here." Even when we least expect it, the Lord always shows up if we are open to his presence.
- Aly

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