Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrate Freedom

It's estimated that collectively Americans will eat over 150 million hot dogs today, which translates into approximately two per person. I, of course, can't eat hot dogs anymore (unless I dream about it) so if someone out there would be willing to eat my two, I would be so grateful.

Independence Day is a day we spend with family and friends, a time to be proud to be American (where at least we know we're free). It's a day to forget about the economy, gas prices, American politics, the indescresions of American politicians, and debates about gay marriage, abortion, or any other in a long list of tough issues.

It's a day when all Americans can come together, regardless of race, religion, sex, or political distinction and celebrate our right to have a say in government policies, critique our leaders, and have opinions without fear of what could happen to us.

Today we celebrate the freedoms that not many have, freedoms that at times are blessings in disguise, freedoms that make us uniquely American.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

- Aly

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