Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Last Supper

Wowzers! Was it hot today or what?! The heat index had us close to 100 degrees today! You could sit still and still have sweat pouring off of you. Today's heat was pretty close to what it's like in Uganda when we go to Igamba (though a little less humid). So imagine trying to walk around doing home visits and playing games out in the sun with the kids all day long in this kind of heat, and you'll start to understand our how are days are in Igamba. There's no hot water there and let me tell you, it is a blessing to take a cold shower!

Despite the heat, this evening trip tradition came first, and we were off to have our "Last Supper." If you're new to the blog, the Last Supper is a meal we share with our good friends Allen and Debbie. It's never actually our last dinner before we head off to Uganda because the night before we leave we are so busy trying to shove everything into any left over space in our suitcases that we barely have time to even eat dinner. But it is just a special and delicious meal that we share with great friends. Allen is a pastor and Debbie is a nurse. They have both been on short-term trips to Guatemala, and Debbie has also gone to Haiti and India. They understand the craziness that goes along with preparing for a trip, the madness of packing, and how it feels to step out in faith in a big way. They're always there to encourage us, listen to our stories, and make us laugh. And when we come home from Uganda after all the traveling and we smell and we're tired...and we smell, they pick us up from the airport, we all go out to eat pizza, and they bring us safely home so we can shower and sleep.

We are so thankful that the Lord has given us these friends.

Tonight a trip tradition was fulfilled. And now, we're ready to go! (Well except for the whole packing part. But that will come).

- Aly

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