Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Released for Good Behavior

For the last 19 years, my dad has worked as a corrections officer at our local County Sheriff's Department. He's spent many a day booking inmates, watching the floors, and working in the master control room.

Through the years, his job has helped us get back into the country, move more quickly through road checks (especially during the days of Bucky), and maaaaybe helped me out of a parking ticket (that was so not legitimate in the first place. I got a ticket for parking in an employee lot that I had the code to because I was an employee, but that's beside the point).

He's often said he's serving a life sentence 8 hours at a time. But today he was released for good behavior.

No more overtimes. No more troublesome inmates. No more politics or stress from the job.

Yep, look out world. Dean Houser is officially retired. And though he's more than ready to retire from cop work, you can be sure he won't be retiring his cop walk.

When asked what he'll do next he said, "I'm going to Uganda!"

- Aly

If you'd like to send along your congratulations, I'm sure he'd be grateful. Just e-mail him at

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