Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today's Happenings

Well we are officially 3 weeks away from leaving, and I think it's all really starting to settle in that this is actually happening. You'd think going for the past 4 summers would be enough preparation, but it's still just as huge, just as amazing, and just as much a big deal as it was the first time. It's just now we have a better handle on what to pack.

Today my mom and I went shopping. My mission: to find a neck pillow. I left mine on the plane in Amsterdam last year...on the way to Uganda. Which means I had an 8 hour flight into Entebbe, and then then entire trip home (two 8 hour flights and a one hour flight) without a neck pillow. It was not fun.

The operation was successful, and I found what I hope will be a very comfortable neck pillow. Now my next mission is to make a cover for it that will somehow allow it to attach to my bag so I don't lose it again. Maybe I can make a belt so I can wear it around my waist. I'll call it a fanny pillow.

All in all it was a good shopping day, and we found some awesome deals (Old Navy has some huge sales going on). But it's also been a long day, so now it's time for some sleep...well right after I catch up on some soccer.

But before I go, I have a prayer request. We spent part of our day in the hospital visiting a friend of ours whose son was in a motorcycle accident with his girlfriend last night. He was very lucky to only break his leg. He had surgery on it today, but his girlfriend has a bad concussion and is disoriented. So if you could keep them and their families in your prayers it would be greatly appreciated.

- Aly

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