Friday, July 29, 2011

We're here!

We made it safe and sound! The sweetest words I've heard all year were "Welcome to Uganda." It was a long journey, and we were so relieved to finally get off the plane! Our first "long flight" was only 6.5 hours, which actually isn't bad. The second one was just over 10 hours. It felt endless! But even after we finally landed in Entebbe, we still had an hour and a half drive to Kampala. We didn't get into our guest house until around midnight. Luckily, Reuben didn't make us get up very early so we had time to catch up on sleep. After getting around 4 hours over the 28 hour travel time, we all but collapsed on the bed.

We spent our first full day in Uganda at the Head Office. I no sooner walked in and was greeted before they put me to work. Saturo, one of the workers in the child welfare office said he needed to use me as much as he could in the time I was here. So I helped him with some computer work. Actually it was one of those "God things," because I recently started doing computer work for a friend of the family who is an engineer. So the during the time I've spent working for him I learned how to do exactly what Saturo needed me to!

We joined in for staff fellowship in the afternoon and were able to catch up with some good friends.

Today we traveled up to Upendo (which used to be known as Camp El Har for those not familiar with the name change). There have been so many changes since we were there last. Most notably of course being that the children are now living there.

As soon as we pulled in Eva came running out of her classroom to us. And shortly behind her was Harriet and Thereza. When I saw Thereza I almost broke down and started to cry because she looks so good, and I'm just amazed at what the Lord is doing in her life.

But just as we are so excited to see everyone again, we are already quick to see the difficulties people are facing. There are so many struggles and needs. We know for sure that one reason the Lord has brought us here is to encourage these people and meet them exactly where they are. It's easy to see the smile on their faces and think all is well, but on the inside they are hurting and in great need of encouragment. So please join us in praying that we will have many opportunities to encourage and strengthen adults and children alike.

I have no pictures yet, but it's only our second day so don't worry! Tomorrow we will be going to one of the Saturday programs and look forward to spending time with the children. And of course I will be begging to go to Upendo every spare minute we have!

- Aly

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  1. Thanks for the update! I'm sure you all will be an encouragement to the staff and kids, and I expect they'll also encourage you. Looking forward to seeing some pics! :-)