Monday, July 18, 2011


Oh today has been insane! We spent most of our day out shopping for supplies for the trip. Walking up and down the aisles of Walmart trying to make sure we're remembering everything so we don't end up making a million more trips. We've learned a lot over the years. For the first few trips, we would have a bunch of different lists here and there but we never kept them. But then we (meaning me because I'm the crazy list-maker of the family. I just love being able to cross things off my lists!) started keeping track of what we were bringing, how much we brought, and how much we actually used.

We have a lot of gifts and supplies to take over as well, so things are really starting to pile up around here. Our house is starting to close in on us!

A friend of ours who goes to Uganda with the teams in January called last night and asked jokingly if we were packed yet. She said with a laugh that we're still a week away from leaving. If we started packing today we'd end up repacking three times a day which means packing our bags 21 times over the next week. It's bad enough to try to pack things once.

So now we have piles. There are piles of clothes, some ours and some for the kids. There are piles of kids craft supplies and piles of medicine. There are piles of bandaids (we tend to injure ourselves a lot in Uganda which becomes a game that I'll describe later). There are piles of gifts and piles of food.

And somewhere in the abyss of those piles is one of my camera batteries. And I'm hoping I can find it before we leave!

- Aly

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