Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Ozone

I had my last ozone treatment before the trip today. It's making my brain move a little slowly so there's probably some resting and a nap in order for this afternoon.

What is an ozone treatment? I'm glad you asked. You hear so often that ozone is harmful to your body but it's actually not. It's just three atoms of oxygen (the treatment is also called triple oxygen). Actually, when you breathe in the fresh air at a clean seashore, or the smell of the air after a lightning storm, or even the smell of clean laundry on your clothesline you're smelling ozone.

In this context, it is used to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi in the body. It has an antibiotic effect. But unlike antibiotics, it kills pathogens without harming normal body cells.

I've been receiving this treatment since May 2010 and it helped completely change my health. I started off getting them once a week. After some time I made it to once every other week, and I am now getting them only once a month. Now it's more for maintainence, to make sure it'll kill anything that's still hanging around and to give my immune system a little boost.

Last year I was experiencing a lot of joint and muscle pain, weakness, and fatigue. And these treatments (along with a very strict diet) have helped me literally get back on my feet. I think in our society, we think there should be a quick and easy cure for everything. But what I've learned over the last 2 years is that often times, our bodies just need time to heal and along with time they need the right nutrition and support. And that's what ozone has done for me.

Here's how it's done (if you're not a blood person, maybe you don't want to keep reading):

I go in and sit in a nice comfy chair. I get my blood pressure taken (which by the way has lowered significantly since I began the treatments). Then I'm hooked up to an empty iv bag. I get injected with heparin so my blood won't clot and then I sit there as blood empties into the bag that sits on the floor. It starts off pretty dark.

When there's enough in there (and it doesn't take much), Larry comes over and injects the bag with ozone, making gurgly noises in the iv bag. He shakes it up and right away there's a noticable difference in the color of the blood. It's much brighter with all that oxygen in it.

And then he hangs the bag up and the blood comes back into my body ready to do it's thing.

Larry wraps my arm in a pressure bandage and I'm on my way. I usually get a headache from it, and I get a little sleepy. But after a few hours I feel good as new!

Nothing like a good immune system boost before heading off to Africa!

- Aly

**A lot of people have been asking how my health is. So I want to say it loud and clear. I am perfectly healthy right now. These treatments are helping to support my health, but they are not sustaining my health. I am amazed at how the pain is gone, my energy is back, and I can be normal again. Truth be told, I'm healthier now than I was before I was sick. And I can run circles around the average American. I'm so grateful for the prayers people have said on my behalf and so thankful to God for answering them!

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