Monday, July 26, 2010

Beans and Rice

I lost track of yesterday's post, but I found it. So be sure to scroll down and read what was on my heart yesterday after a very great, but emotional day.

Today was our first beans and rice day.

As my mom taught some local women about proper nutrition.

We worked to package the beans and rice. (Below is my dad with our driver, Michael)

Then we handed out the packages and had enough to give out to over 40 families.

We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us financially for this trip. Some of the funds we raised are used for ministry projects like this one. It's a very special gift to give to the families and the women were so excited to receive the food. They were clapping and kept saying, "Thank you, thank you." They said may the Lord bless us always. We share that blessing with you because you have helped us in one way or another to get here, whether by financial assistance or through prayer or other support.
So we thank you, and may the Lord bless you.
- Aly

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