Friday, July 16, 2010

Interview With Myself

Me: We're joined here today by Aly Houser who is leaving for Uganda in 4 days. So Aly, how are things going?
Myself: Things are crazy busy. If I had to sum it up in one word...I couldn't because my brain can't focus long enough.

Me: What did you to today?

Myself: We did our shopping for the trip, buying most of the supplies and food we need to bring along.

Me: Would you care to tell us some of the items you bought?

Myself: I'm so glad you asked! We bought things like soap, toothpaste, contact solution, cough drops, and shampoo - things we can't get while we're there. For food we bought things like protein bars, protein water, and nuts.

Me: That's a lot of protein!

Myself: You're telling me! But it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

Me: Really?

Myself: No, but it sounds nice.

Me: So have you started packing?

Myself: [pause] No...but our living room is starting to look like walmart threw up in it.

Me: That's a little disturbing. So now you're spending all the hours of your day getting ready, that must be stressful.

Myself: It is very stressful. So much so, at times I just want to curl up in a ball and cover my head with a pillow. In fact I did that soon after I woke up this morning because it all felt so overwhelming.

Me: That must be tough. But is it still worth it in the end?

Myself: Oh, you bet! In a few days, our friends will drop us off at the airport, pray for us, and send us off. And as soon as we clear security it's like everything else disappears, all the stress, all the sadness about leaving our friends and family. Then we get to Uganda and see those kids and everything else just seems to fade away.

Me: That sounds so good I wish I could get in on something like that.

Myself: Oh wouldn't that be fun? The two of us together?!

Me: You know it! Well it's been great talking to you.

Myself: Yes, we should do it again sometime.

Me: Well you heard it yourself people, all the stress and craziness is worth every minute of it. But I think we need to pray that God will help them through these last few crazy days, giving them enough time to get everything ready they need and that they'll remember everything they need. And what they don't have, let's pray that God supplies it. Thanks for joining us.

- Aly
NOTE: I do not suffer from multiple personality disorder. I will, however, admit that I haven't had enough sleep in the past few days which makes me a little loopy.

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