Sunday, July 18, 2010

Packing Central

On a typical day, our living room is pretty neat and orderly, like this:

Today, however, it looks like this:

Even the happy face balloon is cowering in terror. And that's only the living room. Now we're not some of those crazy people who bring everything but the kitchen sink. Most of what you see are supplies and gifts that we bring along when we go.

We already have 2 of our 6 bags packed full at 49.5 and 49.9 pounds respectively (we're allowed 50 pounds). We have everything from craft supplies to gifts for kids and adults to protein packed food to duct tape.

Also, what you may not know about these trips is that we have a few traditions that we keep every year. So tonight we fulfilled one of our traditions with our friends Allen and Debbie Chase. They have both done missions work - Debbie has been to Haiti and India and both have gone to Guatamala, and every time one of us is getting ready to leave, we go for a "Last Supper." This doesn't have to literally be the last supper we eat before we leave, but it's one last meal out (before airport food) where we can share a good meal and spend time in fellowship with one another. (My brother also joined us for this year's dinner!)

Other traditions (which, now that I think about it also include the Chase's) include them taking us to the airport and then picking us up and going out for our "First Pizza" once we get home. And even though I'm not supposed to have it, I may just have to make a sacrifice in the name of tradition.

I am so crazy excited about leaving. For some reason, today I don't feel the greatest, but I'm hoping it's just all getting out of my system before Tuesday. But I keep thinking about the kids and it gives me strength to keep going.

You prayers are always greatly appreciated! Specifically prayers that we will remember everything we need, and that God will provide the things we don't have. That we all will be able to get comfortable and get some rest on the plane, and that God will prepare the way by preparing our hearts and the hearts of the people in Uganda. Thank you all for your support. It means more to us than you'll ever know!

- Aly

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