Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 4 - Who Let the Dogs Out?

No seriously, who let the dogs out at 2 am?

We didn't get much sleep last night. The dogs were howling half the night. It takes time to get used to all of the Ugandan noises. In a few more days it won't bother us at all.

We spent the morning and part of the afternoon painting at Camp El Har. YES! Even I painted! We went old school Uganda painting. We didn't bring any of our own supplies from home, and it took about 5 minutes until our paint roller disintegrated. It literally rolled out onto the wall. So a while later they came back with 2 more and we were in business again. It took a while, and it's nothing like painting in the States. We're all fairly neat painters and we ended up with paint all over our arms and hands. But part of the ministry of painting is spending time with the people we're painting with.

There were two girls there who are like the house mothers for Camp El Har with us, as well as the house "father," Gerald. The girls had never painted before, so this was their first experience. They enjoyed it, but said it was tiresome work. I was also able to visit with them, just spending time talking about the challenges they face and their hopes and dreams for the future.

It really is all about the people here!

I am absolutely loving just being here. And I'm feeling GREAT! It's been a little cool and damp here (cool for Uganda) which would usually make me achy and tired, but I've been feeling so good. I've said that on days before the trip when I wasn't feeling well and was doubting whether I should still come, God would always reveal something to me to keep me going. Many times he gave me a vision of playing with the children.

Last night, I played with the kids at Camp El Har.

I can't believe how the Lord has changed my life. And coming here, I know it's where God has called me. It's where I belong.

My dad is supposed to be leaving soon for a Bible Study, and my mom and I are staying back to go through our supplies/gifts and rest up for tomorrow's busy day with the kids at the Saturday Program!

We are enjoying the symphony of Kampala. At any one moment you can hear loud music playing, the Muslim prayer call, car horns honking, dogs howling, cats meowing, babies crying, birds squawing, people talking, and an ice cream truck...

That's Kampala. The sounds of home...

- Aly


  1. I am so glad that you all made it safely and are off to a great start! I can feel the absolute joy you are having in your words...
    Aly, I am so glad that you are feeling well!! I will pray for you and your family!

  2. I can't believe the Housers didn't have the needed painting supplies... You guys think of everything!

    I am glad to hear you are feeling well, and that you are again adjusting to home. Thank you for your updates - they are very encouraging.