Friday, July 2, 2010

Life Happens

Preparing for this trip may take a lot of time, but in the weeks leading up to leaving, life still happens. The house still needs cleaning, the laundry needs washing, and family needs loving.

Life still happens.

This week we've had my 4 year old cousin, Joey, from Sunday to Wednesday, then watched my 5 year old cousin, Ryan all day Thursday, and had a graduation party for yet another cousin today.

Life has been busy.

And to add to all of that we leave in 18 days! I can hardly believe it, but it's true. We are over halfway through our 40 day journey (which technically ended up being a 45 day journey), and it's crunch time.

Bags need to be packed, Bible lessons need to be written, medications need to be in order, clothes need washed, supplies need to be purchased, and goodbyes must be said.

And all the while, life still happens.

We greatly appreciate your prayers during this time - pray that we won't become too overwhelmed, no one gets sick or injured, and that we won't get so caught up in the preparing that we miss opportunities for ministry along the way.

- Aly

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