Monday, July 19, 2010

The Scheduled Events

Here's a look at our tentative itinerary as it stands right now. Of course all things are subject to change, but this is a pretty good outline of the types of ministry we'll be doing.

(you can click on the photo above and a larger version should appear)

Some quick notes:

Feeding Children is a nutrition seminar my mom does for parents in the AMG program. She sits down with them and explains the importance of good nutrition, what types of foods children should be eating, and how to best get those nutrients. She also talks about the importance of nutrition in pregnant women (since they are pregnant a lot of the time) for the health of the baby as well as the mother.

Dorcas Ministry is a program that was started to help the girls of AMG as they grow and mature. They provide the girls with needed supplies, teach them about proper hygiene, and counsel them. We will be able to speak with the girls and probably their mothers as well at the Saturday Programs, as well as having the opportunity to encourage the women who lead this ministry.

We will be in Igamba for about a week or so. We were not given a set itinerary for Igamba, but we usually take part in home visits and spend a lot of time around the child care center playing games, doing crafts, and loving lots of children (both sponsored and unsponsored). Patricia always has lots in store for us while we're there!

I explain all this just so that when you pray, you have a better understanding of what we'll be doing.

Things are beginning to calm down a little here. Our bags are mostly packed (I'm still working on my carry-on) and we're all just working on some last minute projects before we leave. I still can't believe that we leave TOMORROW!!!

- Aly

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