Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 12 - Crazy Saturday

This morning didn't start off so good. I woke up feeling awful. I was stiff and achy. My joints felt like rusty gears grinding together, and my muscles felt like they were on fire.

That is not the best part of waking up.

But I just kept praying that the Lord would give me strength for what he wanted me to do today. I had to comletely rely on him. We went to Namugoga for the Saturday program (it was my mom, Susan, and myself. My dad was at a men's breakfast with Uncle Reuben). We were so glad to have Susan because she ran around with those crazy kids for half of the morning so we didn't have to. I played some, but taking in the wisdom of my grandmother I decided I should take it easy and not burn myself out since we still have just under 2 weeks left.

We also went to Camp El Har to see the kids. They hadn't returned from their Saturday program at one of the other centers so we surprised them when they came home. We spent time in fellowship with them, teaching them. And then we handed out some gifts to them.

A person we know from back home in the States donated a suitcase full of clothes to take with us, so these kids were able to get some of those. The boys received shorts and the girls received shirts. They were so excited and kept saying thank you!

I gave some of the older girls my old shirts. One girl tried on a Veggie Tales shirt that was mine, but it was big on her. She didn't seem to like it, but when my mom told her it used to be mine she wouldn't take it off.

We are absolutely and completely exhausted today. We have another early day tomorrow, and then we're off to Igamba on Monday. When we go to Igamba, it's not likely that we'll have much internet access, so you may not hear from us while we're there.

I want to thank you again for your prayers. They mean so much to us and we wouldn't be able to do the work we do without them. We ask that you specifically pray for us as we prepare to go to Igamba. I ask that you pray for my health, that God will continue to give me strength to go on, as well as strength admit I need to rest.

- Aly

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  1. atta girl strength and wisdom to know when to rest i know what a struggle it is to not keep pressing on for just a few more minutes BUT sometimes the wisest course of action is to back off for a while and ponder what is most important to accomplish rather than try to accomplish it all. glad to hear you heeded granny's profound thoughts :) you're surrounded in prayer so lean back let God lead
    love ya granny sweets