Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 10 - Bind us Together

Yesterday I cheated a bit on the blog post. To be completely and painfully honest, I wasn't feeling well. We did home visitation in Masajja and the roads there are really rough and we walked up and down the hills some, and it tired me out quickly. I was feeling weak and achy, so we ended up coming back home early to rest.

We welcomed a visitor among us. Susan is an American who has been working at the medical clinic in Bugongi for the past 2 months. She'll be with us until Monday, travel to Igamba with us, and then come back before us to leave for the US on Wednesday. So we've been spending time getting to know her and ministering with her.

There's a change in schedule for tomorrow. If you've been following our itinerary we were supposed to go to Dove Church, but they have a meeting there tomorrow so we will be visiting the homes where some of the kids at Camp El Har stay. Actually lots of things have changed on our schedule, but we haven't really mentioned it because it would take up the whole blog. But this is a bigger change.

Today was a day of adult fellowship. My mom and I took part in fellowship with Dorcas ladies. These are a group of AMG women who act as mothers to the AMG girls as they grow and mature. They provide materials these girls need and mentor them, because the culture of Uganda is that everything is private. So mothers don't often talk to their daughters about the changes that are happening or counsel them on proper behaviors.

We started off singing praises to God. They asked for prayer requests and we prayed for them. But this is much different than it is in the US. When we pray here in a group setting, everyone prays quietly to themselves. The room hums with thanks and requests to God.

My mom and I tag teamed the teaching and talked about when Joshua crossed the Jordan River (if you haven't read, you can go back and read the post from Day 1).

We also handed out gifts to these ladies who were so excited. They received a package of a handkerchief, lotion, tea, candy, and a colorful bag. They were pleasantly surprised. They were like little kids at Christmas, running around squealing, laughing, jumping around. It was truly a girls' day!

There's so much to talk about, but it's so hard to keep it short. I know this is something my mom will bring back to tell, so I won't get into it too much. But we've heard so many stories from AMG staff who were orphaned as children and taken in as sponsored children by other organizations, and now that they've grown they want to give back. It's so amazing to see their hearts for people who are suffering, and it's because they've been there.

The AMG staff are so inspiring. They work so hard, and they love the kids so much. Their hope is to give back the blessings they have been given.

Isn't that how we all should approach life?

- Aly

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