Friday, July 9, 2010

On the Way


It's crunch time, ladies and gentlemen. This is the time of year where we all start running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I feel like the energizer bunny without the energy. My mind just keeps going and going and going.

I worked on putting the rest of the clothing items a local church donated into gallon sized ziploc bags. I've been working on making gifts for people, thinking of gift ideas, and wondering where in our luggage these items will go. I've started typing up the Bible lessons I've been writing throughout the year, and by started I mean I typed up one.

There are skirts and clothes and backpacks strewn about our house. And somewhere in all that craziness my brain is hiding. And we're still 11 days away. It's only going to get nuttier.

But what I've learned from Jesus' life in Luke 8:40-56, is that some of the greatest ministry happens on the way. So despite this busy-ness in preparing for ministry, we can't get so focused on what lies ahead that we miss out on ministry opportunities here.

In this particular passage, Jesus was on the way to raise Jairus' daughter from the dead when he was met by a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. His reaction probably isn't what we'd expect. Afterall, he was on his way to bring a young girl back to life. That's some big stuff. I don't think anyone would have blamed him if he would have ignored her or even rebuked her for interrupting him.

Instead he stopped.

And after she explained why she had touched him, why she had interrupted him taking precious time away from an impending miracle, and told him that she had immediately been healed, he doesn't scold her. Instead he says,

"Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace."

And then on he went to bring the girl back to life.

On the way he stopped. He made time. And he seized the opportunity.

That is my goal: not to get caught up in the preparation and forget that there are opportunities to share God's love wherever I am. I, too, will minister on the way.

This isn't always easy, and I'm sure I won't always be consistent. But Jesus modeled this way of ministry to us, and we need to follow in his footsteps.

So when an opportunity to help a dear friend of ours make salvation bracelets to take with her to India, I jumped on it.

For those who may not be familiar with these, each colored strand represents an important part of the salvation plan. Black is for our sin, Red is for the blood of Christ that pays for our sin, White signifies that his blood washes away our sin, Blue is for his gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us, green is for growth in our spiritual walk, and the Gold signifies the promise of Heaven to all who believe.

The AMG team that is heading to India is hoping to make 1000 of these bracelets which were divided up among the 4 women on the team. I've volunteered to help make 50, and have the honor of praying over each - that the person who receives that bracelet will receive so much more: the knowledge and love of Jesus, and that they will remember the blessing of the team members who handed them out.

These bracelets are so fun and easy to make that we may be borrowing this idea for our trip! It's a great lesson to share with the kids, explaining what each color means and then teaching them how to make their own.

I think it's so amazing how the Lord weaves each of our lives together, and that a simple friendship can literally impact thousands of children all over the world!

- Aly


  1. Bracelets are finished!

  2. Bracelets are finished!