Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 8 - UNO!!

Today was a more relaxed day, sandwiched between yesterday's and tomorrow's home visitation. We went up to the construction site for Camp El Har. They are about to put the roof on the primary classroom block and will soon start the dorms where the kids will stay. It's so amazing to see how this dream is becoming a reality. We visited this site in 2007 just as the land was getting tied up in court. When we went the land was cleared and ready for building, but it was just a bunch of dirt.

Now, years later we are witnessing the builders putting up the structure for the roof on the first building. Reuben took us, and as we listened to him talk about where different things will be it was like seeing his vision come alive. As my dad said earlier, he is leaving such a legacy here in Uganda. When we told him that he said, "It's all the Lord's work." He gives God all the glory for the things that are happening in the ministry.

We also visited with the kids at Camp El Har after they came home from school. We took part in their fellowship. I keep saying it but these kids are truly amazing! They always ask for testimonies after they worship the Lord and these are the testimonies they shared:

"I thank God for keeping me alive."

"I thank God for his protection."

"I thank God for my sponsor."

"I thank God for our visiters."

And then came time for prayer requests. One girl raised her hand and said,

"I request you to pray for suffering people."

Suffering people.

These kids have led such difficult lives, and they are requesting prayer for the people who are suffering. They know that God has brought them out of a terrible life, and they want the same for others.

After I taught about having clean hearts, we had a few minutes to spend with them before we had to leave, so I taught a small group of them how to play:

UNO! They caught on very quickly, and I have to say they kicked my butt. Eva won. It's a memory that will stick with me, sitting on a skinny little bench surrounded by my brothers and sisters, hearing them laugh and enjoy our time together.

- Aly

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