Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 3 - Fun and Security

Our first full day in Uganda. I'm still in awe of even being here. It's all still so surreal. I am currently sitting in the "cafe" at the guesthouse. In the hopes of limiting my number of mosquito bites I'm dressed in a long sleeved shirt, my skirt, and soccer socks. I look like I'm dressed for winter. We have a mosquito repelling candle lit on the table, which has created a mosquito death trap. That gives me great pleasure. Yes, please pray for me.

We've encountered some increased security around here. Everywhere we go they are checking vehicles and searching. People are really on high alert following the bombings last week (and also with the summit this week). So it's taking more patience as we have to stop for these checks, but we know it's for our security. I would say it's a bit similar to the way we reacted to security after 9/11.

But things are going well. We went to the AMG head office for staff devotions today. We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed fellowship with the staff as we sang praise songs and discussed whether or not we are just going through the motions and following a list of things we are and are not supposed to do, or are we taking time to stop and really enjoy our time with God.

Then we drove over to the Camp and met the children after they arrived back from school. As we drove, we picked up some of the kids as they were walking home. They were so excited to jump into the back of the truck and say hello. We also took photos of them holding a board with their name on it so we can relearn their names.

Now we are back and enjoying some time to relax. We are still adjusting to the time change.

We welcome your continued prayers for us, that God will use us in a mighty way, and that He will work through us to impact the people we come into contact with.

- Aly


  1. thanks for the updates..... Aly - I totally support your pleasure in the death of mosquitoes!
    with our love and prayers!

  2. glad you are able to give us so many updates and that things are going well thinking of you often love granny sweets

  3. also to Erie to dr, said good to go ,,,,,, made some adjustments on the devise so may be a bit better

  4. Yahoo I finally figured out how to do this Wow!!!

  5. We are praying for you - thanks for keeping us up to date on what God is doing with your family. I am so jealous! Give Saturo a hug for me. Tell Reuben and the staff I miss them all.